[mythtv-users] Satellite configuration problem

Samuele Merlini s.merlini at cpr.it
Fri Mar 19 07:16:24 EST 2004

i'm a newbie...i'm going to try to install mythtv on my machine. I have 
all the required software and hardware but when i run setup and enter 
the Satellite configuration in Advanced Configuration i get a bit 
I select LNB and when i scroll the list(actually one entry)and select 
the entry i cannot do anything...furthermore when i exit the setup and 
run mythfilldatabase i get a Timezone error. I have to say that i'm 
italian but when i try to access Italy entry in xmltv i don't find such 
an entry.
I apologise for asking these dummy questions but i'm really new to mythtv.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


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