[mythtv-users] Commercial releases of MythTV?

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Fri Mar 19 04:11:10 EST 2004

had a look at the site
they don't mention myth
they do quote the GPL and tell you where to get the source
the source is available for download (6 meg iso containing the source)
they do have this "update over the internet" thing which i would suggest might 
be a good thing to take back into myth

On Thursday 18 March 2004 22:02, Scott LeBrun wrote:
> Hi guys.
> What is the general feeling about commercial releases of MythTV bundled
> with hardware?
> There's just been an article published in Australian Personal Computer
> magazine about 'Australia's first all-encompassing entertainment box',
> and guess what... it's MythTV - with absolutely no mention at all of the
> origins of the software. The article praises what an incredible job
> they've done with their 'proprietary interface'.
> The company is called Development 1. http://www.d1.com.au   I've just
> checked their website - again no mention about MythTV or even the
> origins of the code. From the screenshots you can see they've even made
> their own theme - just ripping the words 'MythTV' and replacing with
> their company logo.
> It got me very annoyed that someone can just come along, rip the code
> that you guys have spent years working on for no payment at all, and
> sell it. If you guys are happy with this going on - fine, I'll drop it.
> If not, there's a nasty letter about to be sent to the editor :-)
> Scott

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