[mythtv-users] Commercial releases of MythTV? (Development One)

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Heh, found more, quoting from the HMC filters manual:
"To do this, right-click the recording file (extension .NUV) and
choose the "MythTV DB Info" tab. If you do not see this tab, the
MythTVFilters have not
been installed correctly or the file does not have a .NUV extension.
- From this tab click on the
Database Settings button, and change the "Host" field to
"HomeMediaCentre" as
illustrated. (Note: password is "mythtv")"

- --Tyler
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>It's a pretty safe bet that the people running Development One 
>are on this list.
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>> Scott LeBrun wrote:
>> >
>> > The company is called Development 1. http://www.d1.com.au  
> I've just
>> > checked their website - again no mention about MythTV or even
>> > the origins of the code. From the screenshots you can see 
>they've even made
>> > their own theme - just ripping the words 'MythTV' and 
>replacing with
>> > their company logo.
>> So anyone download the ISO to see what's on it?  It is 
>definitely MythTV
>> looking at the screenshots.
>> http://www.d1.com.au/downloads.html
>> -Dave
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