[mythtv-users] lircrc question

Matt Hannan matthew.j.hannan at verizon.net
Thu Mar 18 18:55:59 EST 2004

Like most of you, I am using Jarod's "somewhat customized toward [his]
own needs" lircrc file.
Sure, it does the job just fine. I do not need the volume as I am
passing thru a receiver, too. 

Has anyone taken the time to tweak the lircrc file to get it to do more
and better things?
Mine does not seem to like the MythDVD or Music modules very much. And I
would LOVE to get the keyboard and mouse off of my LP player's dust
cover! Heck, I would like to unplug them completely!


And, I promise, this is my last post for the night.

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