[mythtv-users] Sparse programme names (feature suggestion)

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Thu Mar 18 13:19:49 EST 2004

Mark Crutch wrote:
> Whenever the code has to check the name of a programme against the database (e.g. to determine whether or not to record it), I presume that there has to be an exact match. I'd like to see a configuration option to use "sparse" names - by which I mean the name with all punctuation removed, and all upper- or lower-case. Let me give you an example:-
> I have MythTV configured to record "T4: Stargate SG-1" any time on the channel. The "T4:" part just refers to a particular grouping of Channel 4's programmes, and is added by the channel, not by me. Anyway, this week it failed to schedule the programme for recording. When I looked more closely, it was listed as "T4:Stargate SG-1" (no space after the "T4:").
> Using "sparse" programme names would have considered both cases to be "T4STARGATESG1", and would have matched either of them.
> A possible alternative might be to use the soundex of the name, or some other such system, but the general idea is to make it a little more tolerant of minor discrepancies in the programme names.

A feature such as this would also help with manually picking a program 
to schedule that hasn't ever shown up yet... for instance you hear a new 
series is coming out next fall called "Smorgasborg" then you can 
manually (maybe with MythWeb?) schedule in "SMORGASBORG" and still 
record it even if it's really "FOOD:SMORGASBORG" you get it recorded.


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