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OK, never mind then, I won't fix it (was a bit busy anyway) =)

I noticed another bug (that I have been trying to fix, I'm probably
just overlooking something) -- on the program_detail.php page, the
calculation for the time (example: 10:00PM to 11:00PM (X minutes)) is
supposed to say 60 minutes. However, it says 0 minutes. Any ideas? I
found the ref to it in themes/Default/program_detail.php around line
60 (co'ed Sunday afternoon). It appears the "length" field you are
referring to in the DB doesn't exist, heh...Let me know if you want
me to fix it

I cc'd this to the dev list so we can continue our conversation there
without bothering the -users list...(or you can just mail me

- --Tyler
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>> > Perhaps the un-escaped single quote in the value field is
>> > causing  problems?  I don't know enough about PHP to rewrite
>> > your 
>code to fix 
>> > this error.
>You are correct.  this should have had an htmlentities() 
>wrapped around it.  it does now.
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