[mythtv-users] Finally... OBJECTIVE PVR250 Quality measurment

Mike Diehl (Encrypted email preferred) mdiehl at diehlnet.com
Wed Mar 17 16:42:12 EST 2004

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On Wednesday 17 March 2004 01:59 pm, Ray Olszewski wrote:
> At 01:30 PM 3/17/2004 -0700, Mike Diehl (Encrypted email preferred) wrote:
> >HMMmmmm....  I was looking to buy a 350 for my PVR.  Now I'm infering that
> >the
> >quality isn't so good....?
> >
> >If one were to build a new mythtv setup from scratch, what is the
> > recommended capture card?
> <sigh> There is no "recommended" card, because there is no single authority
> here to serve as a source of recommendations.

Ok, I didn't phrase that well.

> What there are is a variety of cards that work with Myth, and that have
> various relative strengths and weaknesses ... involving tradeoffs among
> image quality, cost, CPU load, file size (MB/minute), and other things.

Yup.  That's why I asked.  

> The list archive has a lot of disccussion about the relative strengths and
> weaknesses of various cards. There is no shortcut around reading through
> that material and, based on it, forming your own opinions.

I currently have 8133 messages in my mythtv folder.  Does that constitute an 
archive? <grin>  I intend to read "the archives," but in the mean time, I 
need to get a baseline of what can be expected from this system.

> Any substantive responses you get to this inquiry will be less
> recommendations and more reatatements of individuals' personal point of
> view on how to balance out the very real tradeoffs one has to make with ANY
> real-time digitizing of video.

And this is perfectly usefull to me.

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