[mythtv-users] Going build a myth box

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Wed Mar 17 16:03:21 EST 2004

mythlist at alltel.net wrote:

>Alright later today I'm going to start building a myth box. I have setup myth on on fedora and it works great. The problem being that i don't have a tuner card but, in a few hours i will have one. :) This is just a test machine : 1.2ghz, 384 megs of ram, and a few wd hdds. I'm going to make a homemade receiver (for controlling myth) but, the only part i don't understand is setting up for an external directv receiver. I cant find the  program 'changechannel'. Also would this work? http://www.lirc.org/transmitters.html Isn't that what i will want? Also does anyone know the status of the m150 card? I would like to use it.

It's also possible you could control your DirecTV box with a simple 
serial cable.  If you have a "low speed data" port or something similar 
on it.

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