[mythtv-users] Some questions before I breakout the Mastercard

Maarten van den Berg mythtv at ultratux.org
Wed Mar 17 08:12:06 EST 2004

On Wednesday 17 March 2004 12:44, Kevin D. Snodgrass wrote:
> Jarod C. Wilson wrote:

> >> Suse 9
> >
> > Asking for trouble. One of the most problem-plagued distros for MythTV.

Ahem.  I beg to differ.  I had it working in a few hours, with NO troubles 
whatsoever on SuSE 9.  The fact that I played around with an older SuSE (8.0) 
and could not get it to work (qt too old && upgrading that broke things) may 
have something to do with that, but SuSE 9 was straightforward after that.

Short description of what I did:
* Install distro (doh)
* Using Yast2, search for all *-devel-* packages and install the ones that 
   seem relevant to you (or all, if you're unsure) Let Yast2 solve all deps.
* Same thing for any perl related module you deem necessary.
* Run online update, just in case. DO select any available KDE updates
* Download tar.bz2 packages of MythTV, lame and Xmltv
* DO remember to run 'export QTDIR=...' etc.
* Start the -seemingly endless- mythtv compile... 
* Meanwhile compile lame (no issues whatsoever)
* Run perl Makefile.PL in Xmltv; it tells you what you still need to do
* Using 'perl -MCPAN -e shell' install / upgrade what Xmltv told you.
* Make, make test, make install. Install MythTV when compile is ready.

Yes, I'm totally aware that I just installed software outside of the RPM db. 
Truth is, I don't care. I've done it for years, never gives any problems...
Especially not for a dedicated box, as a MythTV install probably is.

Incidentally, I'd be glad to help, if you run into problems.

> Too bad.  Suse 9 is at the top of the list for my server,
> after this project is done.

I'd say, go for it.


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