[mythtv-users] PVR250 No Sound in random recordings

Brian May bam at snoopy.apana.org.au
Wed Mar 17 03:24:19 EST 2004

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Scoular <dscoular at cisco.com> writes:

    Doug> Hi All, I've also been plagued with the loss of sound in
    Doug> seemingly random recordings and occasionally when switching
    Doug> channels on live-tv.
    Doug>     Robert Kulagowski wrote:

    >> I've got the following: options msp3400 once=1 simple=1
    >> standard=0x20

    Doug>     Since I'm in Australia I'm not sure what standard I
    Doug> should be using. From the ivtv wiki FAQ:

I have exactly the same problem. Same country.

    Doug>     I'm not sure what I should be using. I think Australia
    Doug> broadcasts PAL-B same as the UK. I know I could just use
    Doug> trial and error but wondered if someone on the list had a
    Doug> definitive explanation. Do these values relate to some other
    Doug> more audio specific set of standards ?

I put "debug=1" on the module line.

In the log file it come up with the following line:

Mar 17 17:55:03 localhost kernel: msp3410: current mode: 5.5/5.74  B/G Dual FM-Stereo (0x0003)

I am not sure if this means I should put standard=0x03, or if using
0x03 is what is causing problems. I am going to wait until it dies

>From ivtv/driver/msp3400.c:

static struct MODES {
        int retval;
        int main, second;
        char *name;
} modelist[] = {
        { 0x0000, 0, 0, "ERROR" },
        { 0x0001, 0, 0, "autodetect start" },
        { 0x0002, MSP_CARRIER(4.5), MSP_CARRIER(4.72), "4.5/4.72  M Dual FM-Stereo" },
        { 0x0003, MSP_CARRIER(5.5), MSP_CARRIER(5.7421875), "5.5/5.74  B/G Dual FM-Stereo" },
        { 0x0004, MSP_CARRIER(6.5), MSP_CARRIER(6.2578125), "6.5/6.25  D/K1 Dual FM-Stereo" },
        { 0x0005, MSP_CARRIER(6.5), MSP_CARRIER(6.7421875), "6.5/6.74  D/K2 Dual FM-Stereo" },
        { 0x0006, MSP_CARRIER(6.5), MSP_CARRIER(6.5), "6.5  D/K FM-Mono (HDEV3)" },
        { 0x0008, MSP_CARRIER(5.5), MSP_CARRIER(5.85), "5.5/5.85  B/G NICAM FM" },
        { 0x0009, MSP_CARRIER(6.5), MSP_CARRIER(5.85), "6.5/5.85  L NICAM AM" },
        { 0x000a, MSP_CARRIER(6.0), MSP_CARRIER(6.55), "6.0/6.55  I NICAM FM" },
        { 0x000b, MSP_CARRIER(6.5), MSP_CARRIER(5.85), "6.5/5.85  D/K NICAM FM" },
        { 0x000c, MSP_CARRIER(6.5), MSP_CARRIER(5.85), "6.5/5.85  D/K NICAM FM (HDEV2)" },
        { 0x0020, MSP_CARRIER(4.5), MSP_CARRIER(4.5), "4.5  M BTSC-Stereo" },
        { 0x0021, MSP_CARRIER(4.5), MSP_CARRIER(4.5), "4.5  M BTSC-Mono + SAP" },
        { 0x0030, MSP_CARRIER(4.5), MSP_CARRIER(4.5), "4.5  M EIA-J Japan Stereo" },
        { 0x0040, MSP_CARRIER(10.7), MSP_CARRIER(10.7), "10.7  FM-Stereo Radio" },
        { 0x0050, MSP_CARRIER(6.5), MSP_CARRIER(6.5), "6.5  SAT-Mono" },
        { 0x0051, MSP_CARRIER(7.02), MSP_CARRIER(7.20), "7.02/7.20  SAT-Stereo" },
        { 0x0060, MSP_CARRIER(7.2), MSP_CARRIER(7.2), "7.2  SAT ADR" },
        {     -1, 0, 0, NULL }, /* EOF */

I have no idea what any of these mean.
Brian May <bam at snoopy.apana.org.au>

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