[mythtv-users] Remote Control

Írn Hansen orn.hansen at swipnet.se
Tue Mar 16 12:57:04 EST 2004

tisdag 16 mars 2004 17:42 skrev Brian Rumple:
> You can get the Mouse Remote to work in Linux with this software
> http://www4.pair.com/gribnif/ha/. This doesn't use LIRC, it uses the RF
> serial adapter that comes with the Mouse Remote.  There is even a config
> file in the MythTV configfiles directory.
  I know, I used it then decided on making a KDE version to sit in the tray.  
Then, I started thinking that perhaps all I was doing was nonsense if someone 
else already done it.  Which is why I asked.

> I hacked a USB driver for the Lola remote which uses the CM19a transceiver.
>  I find this remote to be very usable, especially since my myth box is in a
> different room.
  I don't know about that version, but I found the X10 Remote to be most 
useful for precisely the same reason.

  I found one CM19a on eBay, but it appears to be the same one I got with my 
MouseRemote, except this one has a PS/2 and RS232 passthrough ports.  Can the 
CM19a be used to transmit signals as well as receive them?

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