[mythtv-users] Re: How to get Homebrew transmitter to work? (UPDATE!)

Steven Rubano srubano at ccap.net
Tue Mar 16 09:55:18 EST 2004

Steven Rubano wrote:

> Here's what I did to get another instance of LIRC to run to try and 

> control my serial transmitter: 

> http://members.cox.net/rwraithr/IRBlaster_Howto.txt


> I followed this exactly (except for placing all the configuration files 

> appropriately for KnopMyth such as instead of using the 

> /etc/modules.conf, I placed it in the ivtv config file in knoppmyth, 

> etc. I also used the lirc2remote.sh script (found here: 

>  http://members.cox.net/rwraithr/) to convert LIRC.



Brian Stults wrote:

>I had this exact same problem, and it frustrated me for a long time. 

>For some reason, the "--with-transmitter" flag was never included in 

>/configure.sh, even when I was sure to have checked it in ./setup.sh. 

>I ended up doing this...


>1) execute ./setup.sh checking all the stuff you mentioned

>2) select "Save configuration and exit"

>3) manually edit ./configure.sh to include --with-transmitter

>4) execute ./configure.sh

>5) make && make install


>My ./configure.sh looks like this:


>----------- snip, snip -----------



>./configure \

>--with-module-dir=/lib/modules/2.4.24/misc \

>--with-transmitter \

>--with-x \

>--with-driver=serial \

>--with-major=72 \

>--with-port=0x3f8 \

>--with-irq=4 \


>----------- snip, snip -----------


>I don't know why ./configure.sh isn't being generated properly.  This 

>seems like a big problem.  I was surprised that more people weren't 

>asking about this, which is why I assumed it was just me.


This worked! Thanks Brian! Now I have to battle another problem, my cable
box is a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4200, the only remote config files I
could fins are for the 2000 model. I'm not sure if the 2000 model will work
with the 4200, but it doesn't seem to be changing the channel at all. Looks
like I am going to have to build a serial receiver and try to "learn" the
4200's remote (just need the number keys and the select/enter keys) since I
don't think the PVR350's receiver won't understand the 4200's signal. I may
try getting Lirc running on a laptop with a built in IrDa port and see if I
can get away with it that way.


One thing I did find strange though, I have an IR sensor (just a special
coated piece of paper that glows when it detects IR) and when I compare the
pulses from the 4200's remote (or any other remote) to the transmitter I
built, it doesn't add up. I mean, the transmitter I built with flash steady
even spaced single pulses no matter which key it's trying to emulate where
as any other regular remote have a series of "pulses" all differentiating
from key to key that is pressed. I think I am going to have to break out to
old oscilloscope and check out the pulses on there.


Does anyone know if the SA2000 remote config file will work with the SA4200?
Could it just be my transmitter? 

I am Sooooooo close to putting this into my entertainment unit, the only
thing that's holding it back is the channel changing...won't win any points
with the WAF (wife approval factor) if she has to use two remotes and wait
~3 seconds after pressing a key to the change the channel.


Thanks in advance!



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