[mythtv-users] mythmusic kills mythfrontend

Henry Trommer public-at-henry at gmx.de
Tue Mar 16 05:39:39 EST 2004


Am Montag, 15. März 2004 22:31 schrieb michelle.moss at iinet.net.au:
> Are you using Suse (8.2 or 9.0) by any chance? 

Yes, Suse 9.0....

> I had exactly the same
> problem. Searching the archives led me to the fact that the QT libraries
> were causing the problems. Another post said to use the ones from
> trolltech, but this didn't help in my case (I'm using Suse 9.0). In the
> end, I downloaded the QT rpms from here:
> http://www.astro.uio.no/~oeysteio/RPM_SUSE9.0/MyhTV/20040309/
> and installed them. They are installed to /usr/local/lib/qt3 and as far as
> I can tell (I'm a linux noob) nothing else that uses QT (e.g. KDE) is
> affected. I then set the following:

Thx. It's working now :-)


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