[mythtv-users] DVD audio/video offset?

Bruce Smith brucesmith at chartermi.net
Mon Mar 15 19:41:01 EST 2004

> > I've managed to burn a DVD from a myth recored show with the script
> > someone posted, which basically does this:  (thanks to the poster(s)!)
> > 
> >   mpeg2desc -a0 < $1 > aud0 &
> >   mpeg2desc -v0 < $1 > vid0 &
> >   mplex -f 8 -V -o dvdmpg aud0 vid0 &
> >   dvdauthor -o $WORKDIR -f dvdmpg
> >   dvdauthor -o $WORKDIR -T
> > 
> > It plays fine, except the sound is slightly out of sync with the video.
> > The only way I notice it is watching people's lips while they talk, 
> > then it looks like the show is dubbed.  The show plays fine in Myth.
> > 
> > I've tried using tcmplex instead of mplex, and I've tried avidemux2 to
> > separate the steams instead of mpeg2desc, all with the same results.
> > 
> > I see there is a sync-offset parameter for the [tc]mplex programs, but I
> > know no idea what value to give it.  What offset value do other people
> > use when making DVD's from .nuv files?  Trial & error seems like a
> > rather lengthly process to figure this out.  :-)
> mpeg2desc -m < $1
> gives you the offset, say 7000 for example.
> mplex -O 7000mpt

Thanks for the advice, but something is still not working right.

mpeg2desc -m < 1045_20040313150000_20040313160000.nuv
gives me "6012", so I add the option "-O 6012mpt" to mplex, and
now the sound is WAY OFF, like many seconds or even minutes.
It's like it's taking it as 6012 seconds, or 601.2 seconds, or ... ?
I also tried "-O 66ms" and the offset is still WAY OFF.

Am I doing something really obvious wrong?  
Or is it possible there is a bug in the latest version of mplex?

> I have already seen somewhere a script which does this automatically.

Scripting is the easy part.  If I ever get it working correctly, 
I'll gladly send my script to this list!  :-)

 - BS

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