[mythtv-users] Suggestion for using nforce2 board for MythTV HTPC.

Brian Wagener brian at shoptalkforums.com
Mon Mar 15 15:27:42 EST 2004

I am in the planning stages for building a linux HTPC/server, and want to
make sure the hardware I put together is compatible with the software I
have available.  What I have been leaning towards is using a nforce2 board
with IGP, and a mobile XP cpu.  So I have a few questions about using the
nforce2 board.  First about sound, I read that there is 2 southbridge
chips, MCP and MCP-T, and only the MCP-T can do AC-3.  Is this true?  This
computer is going to be hooked up to an external surround sound reciever,
and I want to have surround sound from movies that are in AC-3, and be
able to have mp3's played on all speakers.  Can I do this in MythTV?

Now about the video.  I don't want to have to run X, since the only output
is going to be MythTV.  I have read that I can run MythTV displayed in a
framebuffer using QT Embedded, will this work with the nforce2 IGP?

If the answers are yes for the above questions, and suggestions for a
nforce2 mobo that has these features? IGP and MCP-T, TV Out,Passive
Adjustable vCore.

Thanks in advance,

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