[mythtv-users] Misc. PVR-350 TV-out issues

Gerald Schepens schepens at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 15 00:33:53 EST 2004

I was able to get rid of the console framebuffer / ivtv-fb confusion by 
adding video=vc:0-0 to my kernel arguments.  However the other two 
issues are still active...  ivtv-fb is using /dev/fb0 still, which I 
thought was a problem but doesn't actually seem to be.  Since the hangup 
issue is an ivtv thing that's being looked into, the osd issue is the 
only one that is likely to be solveable at this point. 

You asked about my X configuration in conjunction with my pvr-350.  I 
used to have the pvr-350 device and the screen defined in my XF86Config 
file but I took them out.  I can still use the tv-out, but maybe I need 
them in XF86Config in order to use the osd...

Any suggestions?

Rudy Zijlstra wrote:

> Gerald Schepens wrote:
>> I have a few issues since I've started using the PVR-350's TV out.  
>> Picture quality is not one of them -- it's great!  However there are 
>> a few other things. which I have a hunch may be interrelated.
>> My ivtv version is 1.9-22-rh9.at.  Myth is 0.14-58.rh9.at.   Kernel 
>> 2.4.20_28_36.rh9.at.
>> [Point of order from a list administrator: would it be better for me 
>> to have posted a separate message for each issue, so that each would 
>> become a thread?  Let me know if you have an opinion on that.]
>> 1)   My regular video card is an nVidia geforce4 ti4200.  I have a 
>> monitor attached to it, on which my console appears at boot.  
>> However, once my ivtv-fb loads, the console goes back a few pages and 
>> sticks there.  Once I'm in X, it seems that my console out is sort of 
>> being directed to my PVR350!  Is it possible that the ivtv-fb driver 
>> is taking over /dev/fb0 when it shouldn't?  (Because, doesn't the 
>> kernel use fb0 as a video card frame buffer for displaying the 
>> console?)  And is there a fix for this?
> ivtv-fb should be /dev/fb1 in your case. Check dmesg before you start 
> X. at load time ivtv-fb tells you which fb it has got.
>> 2)   When I'm watching live TV and I press "m" on my remote to get 
>> the TV listing display, the PVR350's screen gets dimmer but the 
>> picture continues to update on the screen, as though the picture were 
>> preparing to be overlaid with the osd.  No real problem so far, but 
>> the listing appears on my monitor rather than on the TV.  Although 
>> this is workable, I'd rather it continued to function like it did 
>> when I was using my nvidia tv-out, with the tv-display displaying the 
>> osd.  I understand the difficulty involved because suddenly we're 
>> asking the card to display something that isn't part of an mpg 
>> stream.    Nevertheless, if somebody knows whether this can be done, 
>> great, but it's not enough of an issue to make me switch back to 
>> using the nvidia tv-out.
> Hmm, sounds like you have X or mythtv confused (or both). Its 
> partially displaying on the PVR350, and partially on the monitor. All 
> should go to the PVR 350. Are you using a dual screen setup? If so, 
> try with only 1 screen for the PVR350. When that is working try to get 
> dual screens working.
>> 3)   If I rewind or fast forward through a recording too rapidly, 
>> mythfrontend sometimes hangs.  Some of the time, it appears to take 
>> the kernel along with it.  When it's just mythfrontend that gets hung 
>> up, I have to switch to a terminal and kill the mythfrontend 
>> process.  When I restart mythfrontend, the pvr-350 TV out usually 
>> won't function any longer.  Sometimes I can't switch to a terminal to 
>> kill mythfrontend -- the remote, the keyboard and the mouse all seem 
>> to have no effect on the system and I have to cycle power on the PC.  
>> In this case, I wonder if ivtv-fb hasn't misbehaved.  Has anyone else 
>> had this experience?
> This is a ivtv issue. Is being worked on very actively at the moment. 
> Check the ivtv mailing list for more info.
> Cheers,
> Rudy
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