[mythtv-users] noob help

Waylon jackfrost at qwest.net
Sun Mar 14 11:20:15 EST 2004

Ok I have been working solidly for 3 days on trying to get this setup 
but I continually am having trouble.
Scenario: asus p4pe mb
                celeron 2.4g
                512M ram
                Haupauge 350

                Running Red Hat 9
I have followed Jarod's Guide through about 4 times and everytime I seem 
to get a bit further but I still can't get it to work.  I can capture 
videos and also I can dd out to tv but I cannot get output once I start 
backend and frontends I cant even get the frontend menu  to post to the 
tv screen. Its like mythtv is trying a different output or capture card 
than the one I thought I have setup in the mythtvsetup. I even tried to 
set it so x win would post to tv but get nothing but a blank screen. 
Please help I am floundering bad (wife is about to commit murder if I 
dont quit screaming at a computer) .
Thanks in advance
p.s. great guide Jarod, it probably works great if I were not such a noob

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