[mythtv-users] Yuan tuner card

g funk palendrome2002 at lycos.com
Sun Mar 14 21:07:05 EST 2004

Hello all,

I am living in Japan right now and have bought a Kurouto Shikou tv tuner card which, it turns out, is the OEM of one of the newer Yuan cards.  Specifically I have a CX23416GYC-STVLP.  Unfortunately, although I can read some Japanese, I have not been able to get my card running according to the information at the linux.paken.org website.  

Have any of you managed to get the MPG600 Yuan card to work?  Googling, it seems that some people have been able to do this.  


1) I am not currently using Svideo input.  Does anyone have success with television input? (Im not sure what call the non-Svideo plug)

2) I have been able to load some of the modified ivtv drivers provided at the Paken website, but when I perform the cat /dev/video0 > blah.mpg test I get an input/output error!  Grrrrrr....  It's driving me CRAZY!  I don't recall the specific error in dmesg, but there is mention of DeQ blah blah blah, I think.  I have no idea what this means.  It seems that there is a timeout waiting for input.  I know that the card works as I can use in in windows.

3) I am using the firmware from the Yuan website.  Should I try using the Hauppauge firmware?  (I guess I might as well as I am running out of things that I can think to try (-v-)_V  (Gotta love Japan)

4) I originally tried using the 2.6.3 kernel, but became desperate enough to try out the 2.4.25 kernel to no success.

5) I don't know if this is related at all, but I am using an Athlon 1800 cpu and my motherboard is an Asus--it's an old Via model.  I don't have the manuals in front of me right now. 

6) I am using Linux from Scratch.

If someone could tell me specifically what they did to get their card functioning, I would be very appreciative.  Or maybe some hints in general about what I might try.

Thank you,
Nate Findley

I just noticed.... From what I can tell on the linux.paken.org site one of the posters has a VIA Apollo KT133, which, I believe, is similar to my board, and they are having a problem with compatability between their motherboard and the driver (at least this is what the problem appears to be as they have thoroughly tried other options).  Does this mean I am stuck, unable to use this card in Linux?  Any suggestions?  

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