[mythtv-users] Problems importing Belgian xmltv with Mythfilldatabase

Bart Declercq bart.declerq at easynet.be
Sun Mar 14 15:29:28 EST 2004

I've used the tv_grab_nl importer (the tv_grab_be is giving me parsing errors) 
and it gives me the following message:

mythbox root # mythfilldatabase --update --file 1 0 /home/mythtv/list.xml
### bypassing grabbers, reading directly from file
Unknown xmltv channel identifier: TV1
Skipping channel.
Adjusting program database end times...
0 replacements made

In the xml, I did a manual replace of the "channel id" of this channel to 

In mythtv, "TV1" is both a valid Channel Name and an XMLTV-ID so I'm not sure 
what more I can do to get it to at least attempt to read the file.

For additional info, this is the start of the "list.xml" file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE tv SYSTEM "xmltv.dtd">

<tv source-info-url="http://www.tvgids.nl/" 
source-data-url="http://www.tvgids.nl/" generator-info-name="XMLTV" 
  <channel id="TV1">
    <display-name>VRT TV1</display-name>
  <programme start="20040314090000 +0100" stop="20040314110000 +0100" 
    <title lang="nl">Winterbeelden op TV1</title>

If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful to hear them.


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