[mythtv-users] Comercials not getting flaged

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sun Mar 14 14:26:07 EST 2004

> I've built a proof of concept machine based upon KnoppMYTH V4, and
> a simple WinTV card. On this machine comercial flaging works like
> a charm.
> Now, I'm building my "production" machine. It's based upon KnoppMYTH
> V4R2, and ahs a PVR-350, and a PVR-250 capture card. I have pretty
> much the same settings for comrecail flaging on this machine, but no
> comercial flaging ever gets done.
> Is this beacuse of the different capture cards? Can I make this work
> somehow?

Sounds like you might not have Auto Commercial Flagging turned on.  With
the "simple WinTV" card, blank frame detection is also done during the
recording process and it used for simple commercial detection, but the
Auto Commercial Flagging is required if you're using a hardware encoder
card like the PVR 250/350.  With the auto flagging, a flagging thread is
fired off when a recording finishes and tries to detect and flag the



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