[mythtv-users] Just built MythTV, beginner questions

Rudy Zijlstra mythtv at edsons.demon.nl
Sun Mar 14 04:13:52 EST 2004

maarten wrote:

>Forgive me for some MythTV-newbie questions.
>The hardware is:  Celeron 500 MHz, 256MB, 8G hdd. Two Miro PCTV cards.
>Is the slowness, as described, to be expected with this hardware ?
>(yes, DMA is on)
When using the main CPU for compression, this is underpowered. If using 
PVR-350 for TV-out and a PV-250 for second channel, it will work (after 
you get a bigger HD). Do join the ivtv list when you go that route 
though. The 350 gives a high quality output, but is a currently a 
challenge to get working. Quit satisfactory when it works tho....

I am using an EPIA M6000 with a PVR-350 as main system.

>I have not had the cards' tuner set to the channels yet, since I don't know 
>how to go about that in a smart manner.  Do you have to do that with Xawtv 
>and record the settings used there for mythtv ?
>I have an old but okay listing somewhere but it's Kwintv format, I have to 
>figure out how to translate.  Is there a quicker way than either of these ?
>(I'm in holland, so xmltv doesn't take care of this, I reckon)
Where in the Netherlands are you located? If in Essent territory, I can 
send you a patch which adds the Essent frequency layout to myths known 
Without it you cannot specify frequencies used by Essent, or you have to 
use an external program to set the tuner.



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