[mythtv-users] germany and pvr 350: how can I get the tuner work?

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Sat Mar 13 16:43:13 EST 2004


DonAnde wrote:

> Choose a channel ID (positive integer)  [0]
> Choose a channel name (any string, long version)  [ARD]
> Choose a channel callsign (any string, short version)
> Choose a channel number (just like xawtv)
> Choose a channel fine tune offset (just like xawtv)
> Choose a TV format (PAL/SECAM/NTSC/ATSC/Default)
> Choose a channel icon image (any path name)
> ...
> what is the ID? is it fixed? Do I have to name it in special way? Has it
> something to do with the naming-scheme you mentionned at the top
> (Kx,Sex)?

ID is the place on your remote. For example, I have ARD on ID 1.

The channel number is the cable channel to tune to. If your channel list 
says C04, then enter E4. If it says S4, then enter SE4. You can test 
that with ptune_ui.pl (ivtv utility) while you run mplayer /dev/video0.

That scheme (C -> E, S -> SE) is true for all channels but the hyper 
channels (S21 and higher). Those you enter as their original name 
(S21...), no extra "E". This worked for me.

After you ran mythfilldatabase --manual, you still have to go into 
mythtvsetup, because mythfilldatabase fills the channel number also into 
the channel ID (must be a bug). So you have to correct this later in 
mythtvsetup/channel editor.


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