[mythtv-users] 3rd Try: Succeed in using mythtv with Pinnacle PCTVSat + Nexus-S for Astra Digital in Germany

Hans hans at werschner.de
Sat Mar 13 12:56:55 EST 2004



after some small patches in the tuning routines I am able to use MythTV with
two DVB-S cards and the proper

2-LNB environment (Astra+Hotbird). I finally discovered that the
dvbdiseqc.cpp routine took some code from the 

Original szap/dvbtune C code but added some typos.


 I also managed to set up proper Astra 19.2E channels for around 40 most
used channels in Germany. 


The software now seems to work in most parts :-) (strange missmatch in
colors which I do not understand - 

the blue color plane is shifted against the other colors).


If anyone is interested in the patch please ask (I could not find any
"official" path to announce patches).


The channel definitions (as SQL inserts ) can also be made available.


Help in making the software useful for German use (tv_grab_tv_today,
channels of DVB-S, PAL etc) and

Discussions about digital satellite use is welcome.



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