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stan stanb at panix.com
Sat Mar 13 09:43:10 EST 2004

On Sat, Mar 13, 2004 at 01:50:23AM -0500, Bill Chmura wrote:
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> The PVR-350 does the encoding / decoding on the card... virtually no cpu 
> usage.  I don't know if the card you got there does that though, so maybe 
> there is no difference.
> Basically with the 350 all I have is some disc IO when I am recording.  I can 
> record and watch something with no problem at the same time.
> I have a 19" monitor situated below my TV so thats how I handle the tv out 
> issue.  Its a pain though - but my TV sucks enough where fonts are hard to 
> read anyway!
Are you runing dual headed X? Or are you runing Myth on the computer
monitor, and sending the TV shows to the TV monitor? I;m trying to decide
what to do about this myself, and I really am not happy with teh way Myth
looks on my TV, but the recordings look good on it, and it's larger than
any computer monitor I can afford.

I'm looking to hear what other people have done about this.

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