[mythtv-users] Success!!!

Örn Hansen orn.hansen at swipnet.se
Sat Mar 13 07:05:45 EST 2004

lördag 13 mars 2004 07:08 skrev Matt Hannan:
> I knew the evening was going to be a good one when I powered on the
> first time with the TV hooked via S-Video to the Mad Dog and I watched
> the POST process on the telly and the VGA monitor at the same time!!! It
> works out of the box at a hardware level!!!
> Spent an hour or two screwing with XF86Config settings and then noticed
> that in my XFree86 log a line that said something about two displays
> being hooked up, but only one being allowed. init 3, disconnect VGA,
> init 5 and BAM!!! Up came RedHat on the TV!!!
> Fired up MythFrontend and had The Jimmy Kimmel Show with synched sound.
> Whoo Whoo!! Not the best show in the world, but for a test of mouths and
> voices, it works!

  MX440 sounds like a GeForce card ... next step, is to have two screens on 
your X display.  Where display :0.0 is your VGA or flat panel, and 
display :0.1 is your TV.  Of course, that's only useful if you have your 
computer serve as both the multimedia device and your personal computer.  But 
it's nice to be able to show TV/DVD on one screen and browse as normal on the 
other at the same time.

Section "Device"
  BoardName    "GeForce4 Ti 4200"
  BusID        "1:0:0"
  Driver       "nvidia"
  Identifier   "Device[1]"
  Option        "TVStandard" "PAL-B"
  Option        "ConnectedMonitor" "tv"
  Option        "TVOutputFormat" "SVIDEO"
  Option        "TVOverScan" "0.3"
  Screen       1

Section "Device"
  BoardName    "GeForce4 Ti 4200"
  BusID        "1:0:0"
  Driver       "nvidia"
  Identifier   "Device[0]"
  Option       "ConnectedMonitor" "crt"
  Option       "UseEditFreqs" "true"
  Option       "NvAGP" "3"
  Screen       0
  Option       "Rotate" "off"
  VendorName   "NVidia"

Section "ServerLayout"
  Identifier   "Layout[all]"
  InputDevice  "Keyboard[0]" "CoreKeyboard"
  InputDevice  "Mouse[2]" "CorePointer"
  InputDevice  "Mouse[1]" "AlwaysCore"
  Option       "Clone" "off"
  Option       "Xinerama" "off"
  Screen       0 "Screen[0]"
  Screen       1 "Screen[1]" RightOf "Screen[0]"

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