[mythtv-users] Video Quality

Shay - MythTV mythtv at highstyleweb.com
Fri Mar 12 15:37:09 EST 2004

At 07:52 PM 3/11/2004, you wrote:
>Tor Hovland wrote:
>>Rest assured that you are not alone. Having spent the last week setting up
>>my own Myth box, I have eventually ironed out just about all problems (the
>>whole thing was very unstable with the stock gentoo sources, but following
>>the advice of switching to vanilla sources certainly solved it). The picture
>>is very good and I'm quite happy with the system now. However, I can still
>>feel (yeah, that's the term that describes it best) the difference between
>>analog and Myth/PVR-250, simply because the analog video is much smoother.
>>It seems to me that the capture frame rate is just a little too low, and
>>when contrasting things move quickly you can actually see how they jump from
>>one discrete position to the next, i.e. not the virtually continuous
>>movement that we expect from live tv.
>It's possible the problem lies on the output side of things and not really 
>capture related at all.  My wife once said "it's like watching tv on the 
>computer but it's on tv" which was her way of saying it didn't look 
>natural...  Lots of tweaking later and she's one happy camper.  In fact 
>during A/B comparisons she preferred Myth's output to the Tivos.

I believe that I'm getting the same quality as Tor, and I can honestly say 
its not the output.  If I watch a DivX movie, the quality is superb.


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