[mythtv-users] Equip Question: Power supply

Paul K. paulk at parlorcity.com
Fri Mar 12 14:02:36 EST 2004

  I hope this isn't too off topic, but I'm building a Micro ATX sized MythTV
box and the cases I see that have a power supply with them are only 200-250
Watt. Does anyone know if this will be enough for a AMD XP 2000+, 2HD, and a
DVD optical drive?


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> Scott Nicholson wrote:
> >>>I want to connect the digital cable receiver to one of the tuners.
> >>>I'd like to be able to connect both the USDTV (on S-video) AND my
> >>>cable (on coax) to the second tuner -- so that analog cable channels
> >>>are available.
> >>
> >>Man, what a complex situation!  Just for clarification, you'd have 3
> >>sources:
> >>
> >>Analog cable
> >>Digital cable
> >>
> >>with the following connections:
> >>
> >>Digital cable -> SVideo0 or Composite0
> >>
> >>Analog cable -> Tuner1
> >>USDTV -> SVideo1
> >
> >
> > Correct.
> >
> >
> >>(and just to make things more complex, you could split your cable and
> >>also hook up Analog Cable -> Tuner0, but we'll ignore that for now)
> >
> >
> > True... Hadn't thought of that.
> >
> > Just to clarify... Myth does treat each input on each capture card as a
> > different source, right? (Obviously I can't record on both the SVideo
> > the Tuner on the same card at the same time).
> More clarifying ;-).
> Source = provider for TV listings (CoxCable, CoxDigital)
> Input = connector (coax, s-video)
> Card = thing that cuts your fingers when you shove it in the slot.
> You can use multiple inputs on a card and the scheduler knows
> that can only record one thing at a time on a card. You can use
> the same source for different inputs on different cards (or even
> the same card) and the scheduler knows that it can record a show
> from that source on any of those inputs. And you can have multiple
> cards.
> >>The good news is that, although having a channel duplicated in multiple
> >>sources used to be a nightmare, CVS has (IIRC) the ability to correlate
> >>channels in different sources, if they have the same callsign.  This
> >>means that, across all 3 sources, a channel with the callsign 'FOODTV'
> >>is considered the same channel.  However, 'FOODTV-HD' would be a
> >>different channel.  I'm not sure if that heuristic applies to the
> >>scheduler or just the EPG view... if it doesn't affect the scheduler,
> >>then you're out of luck.
> >
> >
> > It sounds like even if the scheduler isn't affected things are at least
> > moving in that direction?
> Joseph is essentially correct but there has been a big move in
> this direction that's pretty new so let me give it a shot =).
> When 0.15 is released or in CVS now, the scheduler has two new
> features for matching stations based on callsign and a feature
> for adding priority preference values for inputs (ex. s-video
> on card 2 can be given a higher value than coax on card 1) Using
> both of these will allow you (and the scheduler) to do nifty
> stuff.
> If two or more things in the channel table have the same "callsign"
> the scheduler will consider these to be the same broadcast station
> with the same listing (you have to make sure that is true ;-).
> These can be the same or different channel numbers on the same or
> different source. As long as the callsign is the same it assumes
> it has the same listings. The EPG was also hacXXX improved to
> show just one of these channels rather than repeating the listings.
> When you choose a show from that broadcast station, say FOOD, it
> knows that it could record that show from any Source->Card->Input
> that has "FOOD".
> I'll guess wrong and say you have FOOD on HDTV channel 124 from
> the card 2 svideo and FOOD on channel 44 for the analog and digital
> inputs. You have three different sources with FOOD available on
> four different inputs. So which will be chosen for "Iron Chef"?
> In the backend "setup" program, you can go to Input Connections
> and choose the input for HDTV on card 2 s-video. Change the Input
> preference to "1". The scheduler adds this to the priority when
> it's prioritizing. The result is that if Iron Chef has a priority
> of 5, it will have priority 6 for the HDTV and 5 for all the others.
> This means that it will alway try to record Iron Chef in HD.
> However, if some other show with a higher priority already gets
> the HDTV input, the scheduler will try to use one of the other
> S/C/Is to record Iron Chef.
> >>Unfortunately, I don't think Myth currently has the capability to
> >>indicate card preferences.
> >
> >
> > Any idea if this is something that may be added in the future? (Has it
> > requested before / is it something the devs would be interested in
> > implementing?)
> It is not in the current 0.14 release but will be in 0.15 and
> has been in CVS for about two weeks.
> >>...
> >>(3) name the channels as in (2) above, but set up two identical
> >>recordings -- one for "FOODTV" and one for "FOODTV-HD".  Give the one
> >>on "FOODTV-HD" a higher priority.  Worst case, it records twice.  Best
> >>case (if you turn on duplicate detection & you have enough program
> >>information), the lower priority one will be suppressed because the
> >>scheduler knows it's being recorded elsewhere.  Hey, it ain't pretty,
> >>but it might work...
> You would only want to add "-HD" if there were differences in
> the schedules. Otherwise, use the same callsign and the the
> Input preference will take care of the preferred input and can
> fail-over to another input when necessary.
> --  bjm


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