[mythtv-users] Video Quality

Alan Snyder ax763 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 12 11:59:06 EST 2004

> I have DDR ram too, but I only have 256MB of it.  I noticed 
> by using the "free" program that almost all of it was being 
> used while watching LiveTV, so I've ordered some more and 
> will post results when I receive it.
> I'm really suprised that your 1GHz %thlon can capture at 
> 640x480...my mythbackend process takes about 60%-%70 CPU when 
> I bump the resolution from 480x480 to 640x480.  I must be 
> doing something wrong.  Are you using a custom kernel?  As 
> far as I know, my kernel is not optimized for Athlon 
> processors, as I am using the latest of Axel's prebuilt ones.

Mine's a straight Mandrake 9.1 install.  Kernel is 2.4.21-0.13mdk.
The whole install was done according to the myth docs last July
and has never been touched.  I honestly can't tell you what I'm
doing right, since I haven't really done anything.  It does seem
that playback is very efficient with the nVidia drivers.  My 
PII-450 remote frontend with an old Voodoo Banshee card uses four times
the CPU.  I guess some of that is network processing overhead.  My
backend process might hit 60-70% but my frontend uses less than 15.

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