[mythtv-users] Transcoding not working

Jason Donahue mythtv at timekiller.org
Fri Mar 12 12:01:13 EST 2004


I recently started playing with transcoding because I need more space. I
basically did a "let's see if it works", and while watching a recording,
hit "X". The screen popped up the message "Transcoding"

And I watched the backend status, saw something about Transcoding
blahblah.nuv blah blah. But then there was what looked like an error
about "unknown codec". There is a .nuv.tmp file which LOOKS like it was
the attempted transcode. But after 3 days, the origianl 2GB nuv is still
there, and the .nuv.tmp has not been altered.

Is this an obvious one, or am I going to have to dig deaper?

Hardware - Athlon 1800, 512MB RAM, PVR-350 for input, gforce4 for TVOut.

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