[mythtv-users] Multiple tuners, multiple sources...

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Fri Mar 12 09:00:45 EST 2004

On Thursday 11 March 2004 19:43, Stelios Valavanis wrote:
> what about 2 different inputs going to 2 different audio sources. my
> tuner card uses the bttv audio module and i want to grab audio from
> there. but i also want to use the composite input for my vcr to plug
> into but obviously i can't grab audio from teh bttv audio module
> because the composite input carriies no audio. there doesn't seemt o
> be a way to configure each input to be paired with a particular audio
> input. there's jut one place for this representing the whole card.

Well, ordinarily I'd say connect the audio that goes along with your 
composite video source to the line-in of your tuner card; you shouldn't 
have to reconfigure anything else.

However, you didn't specify exactly what model of tuner card you have... 
there are some low-end bttv cards that don't have a line-in, in which 
case you're kind of out of luck if you want to use more than one input 
on the card with Myth.  You'd have to connect the audio from your 2nd 
video source directly to your sound card line-in, but since Myth can 
currently only associate a single audio recording device with a card, 
you'd have to choose between your btaudio device and your sound card.

You might be able to hack something together using some fancy external 
channel-change scripts that update a symbolic link to your two actual 
dsp devices, or if you're adventurous you could write a patch for Myth 
that would allow an audio capture device to be associated with each 
input on a card, rather than the card as a whole.


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