[mythtv-users] Mysql backup

Hanno Wagner wagner at rince.de
Fri Mar 12 07:40:44 EST 2004


<zitiere wer="Paul Woodward">

> My question is how can I back up my mysql database - I have a 2nd
> drive that is for data only. I don't know if the service is running
> as even the loop-back address is dead.

mysqldump -u root -p (yourpwformysql) mysql > /new/disk/mysql.sql
mysqldump -u mythtv -P=mythtv mythconverg > /new/disk/mythconverg.sql

After Reinstallation, you have to create the mythconverg-database
(mysqladmin mythconverg) and put everything back with
mysql -u root -p (yourpwformysql) mysql < /new/disk/mysql.sql
mysqladmin create mythconverg
mysql -u mythtv -P=mythtv mythconverg < /new/disk/mythconverg.sql

Ciao, Hanno

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