[mythtv-users] One Second it Works, Another it Doesn't

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Fri Mar 12 05:52:21 EST 2004


Dan Berger wrote:

> error reading from: /dev/video0
> read: Input/output error
> Whats really weird is that something fubar'd in seconds (b/w the 8-9 and
> 9-10 scheduled recording) This is obviously an IVTV issue. I was wondering
> if anyone else has experienced this?
> IVTV 0.19 and MythTV .14

Same here, but no so often. It's an ivtv issue that happens seldom to 
some people and often to others. I think, this is hardware dependent.

If it happens, you can reload ivtv instead of rebooting, but that isn't 
a real workaround.

We'll have to wait until there is a more stable version of ivtv.

For me, it helped (at least I think so) a bit to rearrange the PCI cards 
in the slots.

Also, the PVR cards do not like to share interrupts.


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