[mythtv-users] GRRR And AARRGGHH PVR-350

Matt Hannan matthew.j.hannan at verizon.net
Thu Mar 11 23:44:35 EST 2004

Got it. Actually had the log in screen showing on the TV...it was there
twice and all funky looking, but it was there. I logged in as mythtv and
all I could really make out was "Trash" in a column of smashed words and
icons running in the very center of the screen. Smells like a vertical
synch issue, no? Figured a reboot might take care of it (yes, I was
raised on Windoze), but now I have nothing. I did manage to get
mythfrontend to work across an Xvnc session, tho! That was kind of cool,
but of course was all jerky. But at least the sound was in synch!

As for that date, Jarod, it hit me the following morning that I must
have been tired and an idiot at the same time. That was the date that I
printed the thing out! Knucklehead.

A new manual?!?!?! Praise Jarod!!! Praise Isaac...and give him a job.


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On Mar 9, 2004, at 18:36, Matt Hannan wrote:

> OK, so I managed to get Jarod's guide to get Myth 90% working with a 
> BT878 card under RH9. I did not like the sound synch issue...or the 
> wicked high CPU usage, so I ordered a PVR-350 that arrived today.
> Can someone please direct me around the Jarod's Guide Step 11 
> ivtv-firmware situation? I just looked back thru my old MythTV emails 
> and I see that on the 25th of Feb there was some major discussion 
> about new ivtv drivers. That also happened to be the last day I was on

> the list because I was getting about 150 Myth related emails a day!! I

> am sure that has not changed, but I am back on the list so that I can 
> actually post questions/advice.

Get the latest ivtv-firmware srpm, build it, install it, then install  


> Jarod's guide is dated March 8 and the version of the ivtv-firmware
> that
> is at atRPMS right now has a date of March 7...and will not work!!!!

Eh? The last update is dated Feb 13... And the next is at least a week  
and a half out, due to a very busy work schedule...

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE

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