[mythtv-users] Feature request

Chris Delis cedelis at uillinois.edu
Thu Mar 11 12:07:29 EST 2004

On Thu, Mar 11, 2004 at 11:25:38AM -0500, James Armstrong wrote:
> I was accessing Mythweb from work today to see how things were going. I 
> was looking around and noticed that you can make changes to the channels 
> and key bindings remotely with out any security. Maybe there should be 
> an optional password that is required to make system changes via 
> mythweb. I could also see needing one to schedule recordings. Maybe have 
> a database of "valid" ip address that do not require passwords but if 
> you access mythweb from an ip address not in the database have it prompt 
> for a password so you could still schedule shows from on the road.

Or you could set up a simple .htaccess file for your webserver.
This has been brought up a few times before.  You might want to search
the archives...

> - James

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