[mythtv-users] DVD audio with M-audio sound card

Mike Jasper e394td at comcast.net
Thu Mar 11 11:09:31 EST 2004


I'm putting together a new Myth box with an M-audio Audiophile sound 
card.  I'm using this card because I also plan to do a bunch of 
recording of analog sources using that box, and this is a good card for 

However, the card doesn't have a connector where I can attach the audio 
cable from the DVD-ROM drive.  If I attach the connector to the 
motherboard header (Asus P4P800 mobo), will Myth be able to grab sound 
from the on-board sound device when playing DVDs and route it through 
the M-audio card?  Or is there a better solution?

I'd hate to give up on the M-audio card but the more I look at it the 
less it seems viable.


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