[mythtv-users] status of tv_grab_sn?

Adrian Phillips adrianp at broadpark.no
Thu Mar 11 09:57:49 EST 2004

>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Lawesson <danla at ida.liu.se> writes:

    Dan> I am greatly impressed by MythTV, which has the WAF required
    Dan> for motivating use of an htpc instead of a regular dvd (and
    Dan> vcr for tuning) together with my newly purchased projector.

    Dan> The TV-listings greatly improves the functionality, but
    Dan> unfortunately xmltv does not come with a grabber for Sweden
    Dan> any more. I didn't find any information regarding the status
    Dan> of tv_grab_sn.

As Simon Lundell mentioned there is a tv_grab_se, but I'm not sure if
its in the latest release (unless there has been a newer one in the
last few days). Anyway, check the xmltv archives as there has been a
_se and _no posted in the last couple of weeks.


Adrian Phillips

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