PVR 350 - SCART/Audio - was Re: [mythtv-users] PVR-350: audio without patch cable

Adrian Phillips adrianp at broadpark.no
Thu Mar 11 09:53:07 EST 2004

>>>>> "David" == David  <myth at dgreaves.com> writes:

    David> I'm just getting going and I too noticed the SCART flying
    David> jack lead seems useless.  Is it miswired? (my multimeter is
    David> broken so I can't check - it certainly doesn't seem to
    David> output audio)

    David> Does anyone know what the flying jack on the (I think
    David> 'PAL/EU version' of the PVR350) SCART lead is for?

I haven't got my MythTv box setup yet but I bought a 350 in Norwayand
it had 2 cables :-

- A/V cable with 9-pin DIN on one end => s-video , composite, audio
  out left and audio out right on the other

- the SCART cable with 9-pin DIN and the jack lead which as far I can
  tell from the manual under "Adding en Externl Video Source (VCR,
  camcorder, etc.)" is for connecting the mentioned equipment as an
  "external video channel" - note the S-Video/Composite video input
  and Audio Input (Line-In) connectors on the card


Adrian Phillips

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