[mythtv-users] Recordings Directory Corrupted.

Garry garry at sneakyninja.net
Wed Mar 10 16:52:21 EST 2004

After posting the other day, saying my uptime was weeks... well, famous 
last words and all that....

MythTV froze when exiting Live TV. It stuck on a freeze frame of the 
show I was watching. My usual method of hitting CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE 
didn't have any effect, so I was forced to hit the power button.

Long and short of it, when it came back up, the directory in which all 
my recorded shows, along with the ringbuffer had gone. Simply not there 

I've fsch'd it, and it's put a load of big files into a 'lost+found' 
directory at the same level as the old recording directory. They look to 
be the right length and with the right dates to be my old recordings...

I'm not holding out much hope of getting those back (but it's not a 
massive deal).. I was more concerned about the loss of a whole 
directory. (It's a JFS filesystem BTW)

Has anyone else had this happen? Or is it my own fault for saying my 
uptime was good, and even my wife was using Myth on a regular basis :-)



"From yourself, you can't run away." - Killswitch Engage.

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