[mythtv-users] Is my p3-700 fast enough for a wintv capture card?

papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Thu Mar 11 07:12:30 EST 2004

	If you've got a video card that supports Xv, you might make it go at
reduced quality, but it's marginal.  I've got a dual PIII-933 currently that
can record/play from a bttv-based card.  I used to use a dual Celeron 300->450
that was capable of recording/playing at the same time at 352x480 rtjpeg.... 
but it took 90-95% of one cpu to do that, and another 50%+30% (split between 
mythfrontend and X) to play it... pretty marginal, but fairly watchable.

	Bottom line.... the PVR-[23]50 is *much* friendlier.... I doubt you'll 
regret switching for $100.  Once you find a faster machine (or make a slave 
backend with the PIII for *only* recording with the bttv), you can have two 


On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Cecil Watson wrote:

> Darren Richards wrote:
> >A friend of mine gave me an older Hauppauge WinTV capture card that I would like to use as a second capture card.  (My primary card is a PVR-350).  I installed the card and drivers and got everything working for the most part, but the video is choppy, and watching live tv takes 100% of my CPU at the default compression settings.  
> >
> >Before I burn too many BTU's trying to get it working, could someone tell me if my P3-700 is sufficient to simultaneously encode/decode and watch live TV?  Or should I be looking at a PVR-250 for my second capture card?
> >
> >If my p3-700 won't cut it, then how do I remove the second card from mythtv?  I can add cards in the mythtvsetup menu, but I can't see how to remove it...
> >
> >Thanks,
> >darren
> >
> >  
> >
> In my experience,a P3-700 isn't powerful enough to encode and decode w/ 
> a software based card.  Since your 350 is primary it will be used first 
> to record(less you configure a profile for the WinTV and use that).  
> Using the WinTV would come into play if you want to record two shows at 
> the same time or watch one while another is being recorded.
> When you run mythtvsetup, the first question it asked is if you'd like 
> to delete the cards in the database.  Answer yes then reconfigure the 350.
> Cecil
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