[mythtv-users] Export recordings to video

Martin Ebner martinebner at gmx.at
Thu Mar 11 06:57:55 EST 2004


since i archive all my recordings (cut out commercials and convert with
2-pass XVID) in "My Video" paths, i have the problem that already recorded
shows will be re-recorded since i kill it in the "recorded programs".

Is there a way to tell the scheduler that this show was already recorded
and added to the archive?
Can the information (title, subtitle, description) be transferred to the
video information database?

My workflow now:
- convert recorded MPEG TS from budget-dvs-s with "replex" to MPEG PS
- load MPEG PS in AviDemux2
- cut out commercial
- apply deinterlacer
- convert to XVID using 2-pass
- kill from "recorded programs"

Thanks for your help

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