[mythtv-users] Where to set hue/saturation

Simon Lundell simon at ida.his.se
Thu Mar 11 04:22:10 EST 2004


The "F" key brings up nothing! "G" works though. I've checked the
mythconverg database and the keybindings seems correct. Any hints?

I'm using CVS version 2004-03-10.


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I presume you are meaning liveTV. If this is so then just press "F" to
playback levels, or "G" for record levels. A pop-up menu appears so that
you can 
adjust all picture properties ... just keep hitting F or G to get the
then use your arror keys to adjust.


Quoting Simon Lundell <simon at ida.his.se>:

> Hi!
> The picture from my mythtvbox is over saturated. (not considering the 
> colors, the picture from my mythbox is _better_ than the actual 
> TV-picture). Were is the the best place to change this setting?
> Capture? (using test_ioctl)
> Mythtv?
> X?
> TV?
> //Simon

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