[mythtv-users] Sound difference M179 & PVR-250

Vince Busam vince at busam.com
Wed Mar 10 20:05:15 EST 2004

I've been using my PVR-250 for some time and always felt its sound volume
was low even though I had set alsa's volume to 100% and MythTV's volume to
100%.  Just installed a M179 as my second capture card and its volume is way

I note that if I do "test_ioctl -Y -d /dev/video1" (for the PVR-250) it
shows the volume is 58950.  I can change the volume value up, e.g.
"test_ioctl -y volume=65534".  I check with the -Y option and the volume
value is changed.  However after Myth records a program the value is back to
58950 and the sound level is low as before.

Am I missing a setting in Myth that will also me raise the record volume on
the PVR-250?

Also, when I check the volume on the M179, test_ioctl reports the volume is
65535.  When I try to lower the value (using test_ioctl's -y) it doesn't
take.  The -Y option keeps reporting the volume at 65535.  Has anyone else
see this?

If I can get the volume for my PVR-250 to stick at a high value (e.g.
65535), I can reduce the Alsa and/or MythTV volume levels to get a good
sound level.

As an aside, I notice that my picture quality is much better with the
PVR-250 than with the M179.  I suspect a tuner issue.  I probably notice
this more than most of you since my signal source is an antenna rather than
cable or satellite.  I need to figure out how to make the PVR-250 my
preferred card for recording and live TV.


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