[mythtv-users] status of tv_grab_sn?

Dan Lawesson danla at ida.liu.se
Wed Mar 10 19:39:52 EST 2004

I am greatly impressed by MythTV, which has the WAF required for 
motivating use of an htpc instead of a regular dvd (and vcr for tuning) 
together with my newly purchased projector.

The TV-listings greatly improves the functionality, but unfortunately 
xmltv does not come with a grabber for Sweden any more. I didn't find 
any information regarding the status of tv_grab_sn.

Since I didn't get any reply after asking xmltv-developers I skipped 
installing xmltv altogether (and I can therefore still truthfully and 
not without pride claim that my emacs never has been exposed to any Perl 
scripts ). Instead I studied the xmltv DTD and mythfilldatabase source 
code to figure out what tv_grab_sn is supposed to output and what kind 
of switches it is supposed to parse.

The resulting quick-and-dirty reverse-engineered Python script (that 
fetches data from www.dagenstv.com) works for me.

Would anyone be interested in using my script, or did I just duplicate 
some work done by someone else? If my script is to be used by someone 
else, I will have to upgrade it from unreadable-kludge version to at 
least some alpha-at-least-partly-configurable version.


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