[mythtv-users] Bug: Large listings not displayed in mythweb

Clint Gilders techservices at onlinehobbyist.com
Wed Mar 10 14:50:42 EST 2004

laity at nb.sympatico.ca wrote:
> Are you keeping the PPV's and music channels in your database?  
> I'm subscribed to just about everything Starchoice offers and don't 
> see this problem with Mythweb.  If I want to record something on 
> PPV or music channel I just select the channel with my Starchoice 
> remote and do a manual record.  Saves scrolling through tons of 
> useless guide data.  

Yes, if I trim out all the music channels and sports and other channels 
I don't have I can get the listings to show up just fine in mythweb.

And as someone suggested I can tune php a bit to allow it to use more 
memory.  But.... I guess my feeling is that neither of these should have 
to be done.   Properly written code should have sufficient error 
checking to deal with a problem like this.   An informative error 
message rather than a blank page because php crashed, or modifying the 
scripts to get the listings in chunks would work well.

> o/t.......what are you using for a lirc.conf to control your box?  If it's 
> anything different than the file at lirc.org do you mind sending me a 
> copy?  My ir transmitter blinks happily away but it won't actually 
> change the channel.  I'm thinking it may be the lirc.conf file.  
> Well....actually I've got no idea, just grasping at straws :-)

I haven't gotten my transmitter setup yet.   I'm still working on 
getting everything else functional.

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