[mythtv-users] GRRR And AARRGGHH PVR-350

Matt Hannan matthew.j.hannan at verizon.net
Tue Mar 9 21:36:22 EST 2004

OK, so I managed to get Jarod's guide to get Myth 90% working with a
BT878 card under RH9. I did not like the sound synch issue...or the
wicked high CPU usage, so I ordered a PVR-350 that arrived today.

Can someone please direct me around the Jarod's Guide Step 11
ivtv-firmware situation? I just looked back thru my old MythTV emails
and I see that on the 25th of Feb there was some major discussion about
new ivtv drivers. That also happened to be the last day I was on the
list because I was getting about 150 Myth related emails a day!! I am
sure that has not changed, but I am back on the list so that I can
actually post questions/advice.

Jarod's guide is dated March 8 and the version of the ivtv-firmware that
is at atRPMS right now has a date of March 7...and will not work!!!!

HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!! You are my only hope. ;-)

RH9, latest atRPMS kernel, latest MythTV-Suite, PVR-350, Athlon 1.4
(that is right, a T-Bird), Asus A7V-133-C, Creative Live!, Alsa, blah

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