[mythtv-users] Newbie hardware purchase question

KMF katoom at pacbell.net
Tue Mar 9 10:39:03 EST 2004


On 2004.03.08 23:20 Patrick Reynolds wrote:
> Recording requires a tuner, and live TV requires a tuner.  So to do
> both, you'll need two tuners.

    Doh! That should have been obvious to me although it wasn't.
  So any mini-system would need to have at least 2 PCI slots
  to watch live TV while recording. Uhhh, what if instead
  you want to record while watching video that was recorded
  earlier?  Same thing? An additional tuner is needed or can
  a PVR-350 encode one signal while decoding a file and
  sending it to TVout? Or perhaps the video card could have
  a appropriate decoder and TVout? 

> There have been several threads about pretty cases, keeping heat down,
> and quiet cooling systems.

    I'll redouble my efforts to find answers in the archives.

> I have a Shuttle SK41G with an Athlon XP 2400+ and
> am pretty happy from a noise/heat standpoint, but lots of other 
> options
> work well, too.

    This also looks like a pretty nice setup. I'll have to do
  more investigation before heating up the credit card.


     katoom at pacbell.net

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