[mythtv-users] Transcode entire DVD (menus, etc) to MPEG4?

Carl Youngblood carl at youngbloods.org
Tue Mar 9 01:10:35 EST 2004

Wouldn't it be possible to rip an exact image of each DVD and mount 
them in a virtual DVD-ROM drive?  I haven't ever done this but I assume 
it would be possible.  However, this violates your stated requirement 
of better compression ratios.  On the other hand, hard drives are 
getting cheaper and cheaper these days.  You could probably fit a 
library of over 100 movies on a server with 4 large hard drives.

Carl Youngblood

On Mar 8, 2004, at 9:56 PM, Scott Nicholson wrote:

> If nothing of the sort exists, do I have any other options (short of
> transcoding everything to lower-bitrate MPEG2 (and losing quality in 
> the
> process))?
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