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James L. Paul james at mauibay.net
Tue Mar 9 00:12:23 EST 2004

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On Monday 08 March 2004 10:18 am, Steve Dorsey wrote:
> Hello (again)
>     noticed that the Music directory for MythTV only allows me to go one
> level deep. I cannot place folders of MP3s into it.

What happens if you try to place subdirectories in your MP3 directory? I 
assume you mean to say you _can_ do that, but it does give the results you 
expect. Do you mean to say that mythmusic fails to find any music files in 
subdirectories, and only sees the files in the top level?

>    In the end, I'd like to move my music collection to my MythTV box,
> but I'd need to do it in one giant motion, and I have 36GB of music
> already ordered in the iTunes directory structure.

I haven't run into a limit on subdirectory depth, but I'm only using 4 or 5 
levels myself. I use a somewhat conventional structure like this:


That's 4 subdiretory levels right there, no problems.

>    I'd really like to retain that structure, as that would allow me to
> mount that directory on my Mac and use it as my iTunes folder. VERY
> handy.

Assuming your iTunes files are compatible with your player in mythmusic, I see 
no reason such a thing wouldn't work. I'm not familiar with iTunes though, so 
I assume you are and that your files are supported by mythmusic. If so, I'd 
expect them to be recognized and indexed just fine. If they aren't a 
recognized format, then perhaps mythmusic is traversing the subfolders just 
fine but failing to find useable files. I really don't know, as I said I am 
not familiar with iTunes.

> Any thoughts here?
> thanks,
> -------------------Steve
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