[mythtv-users] Glitchy nvidia geforce4 tv-out

Gerald Schepens schepens at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 8 21:34:23 EST 2004

If it helps, my XF86Config and modules.conf files are attached to a 
previous message about "Exiting X hangs my machine".  I am using 
twinview, and I'm using the nvidia-1.0-4363 driver.  (Though, due to a 
response to a previous message, I'll probably upgrade that.)  I actually 
didn't have jitter reduction set, but I'm trying it now.  Is avsync an 
XF86Config option, an nvidia driver option or a mythtv option?

J. Donavan Stanley wrote:

> Gerald Schepens wrote:
>> I have an nvidia geforce4 ti4200 connected vis svideo to my TV.  When 
>> I watch anything that involves mplayer (i.e. live TV, recordings or 
>> DVDs), I get semi-rhythmic glitchy motion in the video.  I don't mean 
>> that the playback skips or stutters, just that things onscreen, in 
>> particular background objects, seem to suddenly jitter to the right 
>> for a fraction of a second and then go back to their previous 
>> position.  The image on my computer monitor doesn't do this at all.  
>> Is this an mplayer thing, or an nvidia tv-out thing, or what?  Anyone 
>> else have this issue, and if so, does somebody know how to eliminate 
>> or minimise it?
> Not really enough information...
> Are you using Twinview?  What version of the drivers are you using?  
> Do you have jitter reduction on?  Do you have avsync on?
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