[mythtv-users] Hardware review before the plunge..

Matthew Geller mgeller at mn.rr.com
Sun Mar 7 12:16:41 EST 2004


I noticed you went for an Audigy vs. the on board Chaintech 7NIF2 sound
card.  You mention the video is good enough, but is the sound?

When considering configurations.  What are the pros/cons of a master and
master slave vs. backend and multiple frontends?

I was leaning towards single backend and multiple frontends.  I can keep
down the size, noise and cost of the frontends.  Yet have a huge old backend
with loud drives and multiple capture cards to feed the house.  Cheaper to
run CAT5 then coax.


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On Mar 6, 2004, at 22:22, Matthew Geller wrote:

> Jarod,
> Thanks for all the info.. Wow..

No problem.

> I am using the Athlon 2000 XP's because I want to upgrade a couple 
> other boxes I have to Athlon 2600's.  At this point it isn't worth 
> paying the extra for 3200's given that I don't have any HDTV yets.

Yeah, probably the best route then.

> You were right on the WD's.  I figured because they were so new they 
> supported ATA133.  But after pulling the manual you are right.  Either 
> way it looks like I am fine at ata/66.

I have quite a few WD drives myself. (8 120GB ones, 1 250GB one and 2 200GB
ones, along with some smaller ones) ;-)

> Chaintech does have a MX4000.  See URL below...  I picked it over the 
> MX440 only because it was carried by the same place I was going to get 
> the rest of my hardware.
> http://www.chaintechusa.com/tw/eng/product_spec.asp?MPSNo=14&PISNo=261

I stand corrected. First I've heard of it... Huh. I'm seeing it on nVidia's
site as well, so it isn't just a Chaintech labeling thing...

> Now that I think about it, I might skip the Chaintech MX4000/MX440 and 
> try the Chaintech 7NIF2 first to decide if I even need something more 
> then onboard video card.

You don't. My 3200 system is on a Chaintech 7NIF2, using the onboard video
to output to my HDTV. Look at the second link in my sig for further

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE

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